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If you want information about the Karachi Train Ticket Price, this is an important place for you. The Karachi Express train is a major railway service that provides passengers traveling across the country with an experiential journey.

Information about the Karachi Express Train Ticket Price, timings, facilities, travel route, and booking procedure for this train is available here. This information is crucial for those who plan to experience the journey on this train.

The Karachi Express is a passenger train that travels between the two largest cities in Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore. It is one of the historic trains of Pakistan Railways, and it was established in 1943 during the British era.

In the beginning, the train used to run from Karachi to Peshawar, but later its route was shortened to Lahore. After 2008, the train only offered an economy class, and it used to connect with the Millat Express at Khanewal station. However, in 2012, efforts were made to restore the train to its original state.

The train is named after Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. This train travels a distance of approximately 1215 kilometers from Karachi to Lahore via the Karachi-Peshawar line. The journey covers this considerable distance and is completed in approximately 18 hours.


Start service1943 (British age)
Route distance1,215 KM (755 miles)
Average Time18 hours
Train numbers15UP (KarachiàLahore)  16DN (LahoreàKarachi)
Operate between Karachi  Cantonment – Lahore Junction
Maximum Speed120 km/h
Average  speed                  80 km/h
Number of coaches19 coaches
 Catering facilitiesAvailable
Baggage and Sleeping ArrangementAvailable and Good
Track gauge5 ft 6 in

Karachi Express Train Ticket Price

Route and Time Schedule

The 15 UP Karachi Express train departs from Karachi Cantt at 6:00 PM and arrives at Lahore Junction the next day at 1:00 PM. On the other hand, the 16 DN Karachi Express departs from Lahore Junction at 6:00 PM and reaches Karachi at 2:00 PM. The complete timetable for the train is provided below, which includes the arrival time, departure time, and waiting time at each station. Passengers are advised to review this information at least once before embarking on their journey to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.


Via Karachi Peshawar ML-1

Speed of Karachi Express Train:

The Karachi Express Train, known for its speed, has an average speed of 70 km/h and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. It efficiently covers the 1215 km journey between Karachi and Lahore, offering passengers a swift and modern travel experience. The train’s high speed and amenities make it a popular choice for those seeking a memorable journey.

15UP Karachi Express Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2HYDERABAD JN20:2720:35
3NAWABSHAH JN.22:0622:08
4ROHRI JN.01:1001:35
6MULTAN CANTT07:4508:05
7KHANEWAL JN08:5008:55
9RAIWIND JN.11:5511:57
10KOT LAKHPAT12:2412:26
11LAHORE JN.13:00

16DN Karachi Express Train Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
1LAHORE JN.18:00
2RAIWIND JN.18:4018:45
4KHANEWAL JN21:5522:00
5MULTAN CANTT22:4523:05
7ROHRI JN.05:1005:35
8NAWABSHAH JN.08:4208:44
9HYDERABAD JN10:4510:50
10LANDHI JN.12:4412:46
11DRIGH ROAD13:2213:24

Main Stops

Karachi Express Train links important cities, offering special services that attract travelers with its extensive connections and efficient operations.

The 15 Up Karachi Express Train commences its journey from Karachi Cantt Railway Station, making stops at Hyderabad Junction, Nawabshah Junction, Rohri Junction, Bahawalpur, Multan Cantt, Khanewal Junction, Sahiwal, Raiwind Junction, Kot Lakhpat, and Lahore Junction.

Similarly, the 16 Dn Karachi Express departs from Lahore, following the same route back to Karachi. Notably, it doesn’t stop at Kot Lakhpat but has additional stops at Landi Junction and Drigh Road.

Facilities in Karachi Express Train

Number and Type of Coaches

  • Economy Class: The economy class of Pakistan Railways is considered the lowest quality class, providing basic facilities to passengers. The economy class of Karachi Express is clean and comfortable, with ample space for luggage.
  • The ventilation, seats, and leg space are satisfactory. Karachi train Ticket prices vary according to class of coach.
  • AC Business Class: In the AC Business class of Karachi Express Train, passengers enjoy complete privacy during the journey. Although the tickets for this class are expensive, the amenities provided are extensive. Each coach consists of 9 closed cabins labeled A through I.
  • The cabins are equipped with suitable arrangements for storing belongings, sitting, and sleeping. They also include facilities such as lights, air conditioning, fans, and charging points.
  • AC Sleeper Class: The AC sleeper coach is the most expensive class in Pakistan Railways. It contains six cabins labeled A through F, with both 2-person and 4-person cabins available.
  • One notable feature of this coach is that each cabin is equipped with an attached washroom. Additionally, it provides amenities such as lights, air conditioning, and charging facilities. Passengers are also provided with bed sheets for a comfortable night’s sleep.
ClassCoaches Numbers
EconomyCoaches# 2,3,4,5,6,89,10
AC StandardCoach#12, Coach#13
AC BusinessCoach#15, Coach#16
AC Sleeper (1)Coach#14

Train coach numbers should be changed.

Discounts on Karachi Express Train

Karachi Express offers a considerate discount policy benefiting various passenger groups. Children under 10 receive a 50% discount, while those aged 10 and above pay the full fare.

Passengers aged 65 and above or with disabilities enjoy significant discounts of 50% in economy class and 25% in AC class. To avail of discounts, eligible passengers must register their information with Pakistan Railway.

How to book Online Tickets and Cancel Tickets of Pakistan Railway.

This inclusive policy aims to make travel affordable for families with children, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Passengers falling within these categories are encouraged to register at the nearest Pakistan Railway office for an economical and enjoyable journey.

For Safe Journey

To ensure a smooth and timely boarding experience on the train, it’s crucial to make the necessary preparations. Begin by reserving your ticket well in advance and confirming the details, including your seat number.

Arrive at the station ahead of the departure time, ensuring you are on the platform promptly. Pack your luggage efficiently, stay within the allowable limit, and carry important documents such as your ticket and ID.

Adhere to safety measures, especially in current circumstances, by having masks and sanitizers readily available. Consider the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Bring snacks and water for the journey, particularly for longer trips.

Keep yourself entertained with books or music to pass the time. Always be aware of the train schedule and any updates to avoid missing important information. Lastly, have emergency contact numbers on hand for added security. These preparations collectively contribute to a hassle-free and enjoyable train travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I need to cancel my Karachi Express?

You can cancel your ticket as per the policy. You can do so through your mobile app or at the nearest station according to the guidelines mentioned in the policy.”

Are any discounts available for Karachi Express tickets?

Yes, Karachi Express offers discounted tickets for children, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities. This inclusive approach aims to make train travel more accessible and affordable for a diverse range of passengers

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