Millat Express Train

If you are planning to travel on the renowned Millat Express in Pakistan, this article is tailored just for you. We will cover various aspects, including the train’s schedule, ticket prices, onboard facilities, and essential information to ensure your journey on Millat Express is not only convenient but also enjoyable.

Known for its reliability, Millat Express has become a staple for daily commuters and adventurers alike. With a commitment to passenger satisfaction, the train weaves through diverse landscapes, providing a scenic backdrop for your travels

Millat Express is a magnificent train traversing the picturesque route between Lala Musa Junction and Karachi Cantonment. Operational every day, this rail voyage seamlessly transports passengers to their destinations. Launched on November 9, 2004, the train boasts both economy and AC class coaches, offering travelers a choice of comfortable accommodations for their journey.

Millat Express Train

Millat Express Train Overview

Start service9 November 2004
Route distance1325KM (824 miles)
Average Time26 hours
Train numbers17UP & 18DN
Operate between Lala Musa JN-Karachi Cantt
Maximum Speed90 km/h
Average  speed                  60 km/h
Number of coachesApporx 18
facilitiesCatering, Sleeping, Baggage,
Track gauge5 ft 6 in

Millat Express Ticket Price from all Stations

Time Schedule and Route of Millat Express Train

The Millat Express is a renowned train that departs from Lala Musa Junction and heads to Karachi. The 18DN Millat Express leaves Lala Musa Junction at 9:15 in the morning and arrives in Karachi before noon the next day, by 12:00 PM. Similarly, the 17UP Millat Express departs from Karachi Cantt at 4:45 in the evening and reaches Lala Musa Junction by 6:00 PM the following day.

The complete time schedule table for the trains is provided, detailing the arrival time, departure time, and waiting time at each station. Also if You want to travel from Karachi Cantt to Lahore Junction, then the well-known train Karachi Express Train has a good travel experience.

17UP Millat Express Train Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2DRIGH ROAD17:1917:21
3HYDERABAD JN19:5420:02
5NAWABSHAH JN.21:5021:52
7BHIRIA ROAD22:5022:52
9ROHRI JN.01:0501:30
11RAHIM YAR KHAN03:4503:47
12KHANPUR JN.04:4304:45
14LODHRAN JN.06:3706:39
17KHANEWAL JN08:0008:20
18ABDUL HAKIM08:5008:52
19SHORKOT CANTT JN.09:2309:25
20TOBA TEK SINGH09:5009:52
23CHAK JHUMRA JN.12:0512:06
25CHANAB NAGAR13:0113:03
26SHAHINABAD JN.13:5213:53
27SARGODHA JN.14:3514:50
30MALAKWAL JN.16:4016:50
31MANDI BAHA UD DIN17:1517:17
34LALA MUSA JN.18:20

18DN Millat Express Train Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
4MANDI BAHA UD DIN11:0711:09
5MALAKWAL JN.11:4311:55
8SARGODHA JN.13:4013:55
9SHAHINABAD JN.14:2214:23
10CHANAB NAGAR15:1215:14
12CHAK JHUMRA JN.16:1316:14
15TOBA TEK SINGH18:2818:30
16SHORKOT CANTT JN.19:0019:02
17ABDUL HAKIM19:2619:28
18KHANEWAL JN20:0520:25
21LODHRAN JN.21:4321:45
23KHANPUR JN.23:3823:40
24RAHIM YAR KHAN00:1200:14
26ROHRI JN.02:5003:15
28BHIRIA ROAD04:5604:58
30NAWABSHAH JN.06:3006:32
32HYDERABAD JN08:4008:45
33LANDHI JN.10:5210:54
34DRIGH ROAD11:3011:32

Route and Speed of Millat Express

Millat Express Train generally operates at its normal speed. During such journeys, the train successfully maintains its usual pace, which helps passengers feel comfortable and safe. The maximum speed of Millat Express is above 90 km/h, while its average speed is 60 km/h.

  • Karachi Cantonment-Khanewal

Via Karachi Peshawar ML-1

  • Khanewal JN-  Shorkot Cantt JN

Via Khanewal wazirabad Branch Line

  • Shorkot cantt-Malakwal

Via Shorkot- lalamusa Branch line

Millat Express Train Route

Main Stops

Millat Express Train, connecting Karachi Cantt to Lalamusa, spans a route with a total of 31 stops. The 17Up Millat Express, commencing its journey from Karachi Cantt in the evening, covers significant locations such as Drigh Road, Hyderabad Junction, Shahdadpur, Nawabshah Junction, Bhiria Road, Mehrabpur, Rohri Junction, Sadikabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanpur Junction, Bahawalpur, Lodhran Junction, Dunyapur, Jahania, Khanewal Junction, Abdul Hakim, Shorkot Junction, Toba Tek Singh, Gojra, Faisalabad, Chak Jhuma Junction, Chiniot, Chanab Nagar, Shahinabad Junction, Sargodha Junction, Bhalwal, Phularwan, Malakwal Junction, Mandi Bahauddin, Chillianwala, Dinga, and Lala Musa Junction.

Similarly, the 18 Down Millat Express retraces the same route, journeying from Lala Musa Junction to Karachi Cantt.

Highlighting the extensive coverage of Millat Express, this train seamlessly connects major cities and towns. Passengers can confidently rely on the comprehensive accessibility provided by this service for a convenient and well-connected travel experience.

Millat Express Accommodations and Facilities

Economy Class: In Millat Express Train, there are a total of 19 to 20 coaches, out of which 11 to 12 coaches are for the economy class, and the remaining coaches include AC class coaches, a dining car, and a power van.

Traveling in the economy class of this train is economically feasible, allowing a larger number of people the opportunity to travel. While traveling in Millat Express’s economy class, passengers experience a convenient and comfortable journey. Traveling in Millat Express Train economy class also provides passengers with the opportunity to interact with different people and be a part of a diverse environment.

AC Classes: Millat Express includes AC Standard and AC Business class coaches as well. Both types of coaches are air-conditioned. In the AC Standard class, washrooms are located at the end of the coaches, while in the Business class, attached washrooms are available. AC coaches offer cabins with 4-berth and 6-berth options.

Cabins in coaches are numbered from A to I, and within each compartment, there are upper, middle, and lower berths numbered from 1 to 6. In AC class coaches, there are a total of 54 berths. There is ample space in the cabin for storing belongings, and amenities include study lights, charging kits, fans, and lights.

The AC Standard class is open, whereas in the AC Business class, cabins have doors. This allows you to travel with your family in the Business class with added privacy. In Millat Express, there is a dining car available for the convenience of passengers, enhancing their travel experience.

The dining car of the Millat Express Train is equipped with tables and seats, providing a comfortable setting for passengers to enjoy their meals. Travelers can conveniently order a variety of items, including tea, rice with curry, or cold drinks. I encourage passengers to explore the dining car, not just for the delicious offerings but also to make their journey more enjoyable and memorable.

Online Booking And Reservation

For the convenience of travelers, Pakistan Railways has introduced online booking for Millat Express Train. This initiative allows passengers to reserve their seats from their local railway station to their destination using the official website of Pakistan Railways or the mobile railway app. You can purchase train and better travel experience tickets according to your budget. It is advisable to book your ticket in advance for a safe journey.

The online booking system provides a seamless and accessible way for passengers to plan and secure their journey. Furthermore, authorized shops offering ticket booking services and nearby railway stations also provide alternative options for obtaining tickets.

Embracing the online booking system not only enhances the ease of the process but also brings potential benefits or incentives for travelers who choose this modern and efficient method.

Discounts on Ticket of Millat Express Train

In Millat Express Train, a thoughtful discount policy is in place, benefiting various passenger groups. Children under 10 years old enjoy a generous 50% discount on their tickets. However, for those aged 10 and above, tickets are considered adult fares, requiring full payment.

Additionally, passengers aged 65 and above, as well as those with disabilities, are eligible for discounts—a significant 50% in the economy class and 25% in the AC class. To avail of these discounts, eligible passengers need to have their information registered with the Pakistan Railway reservation office.

Emphasizing the inclusivity of these discounts, Millat Express Train aims to make travel accessible and affordable for families with young children, seniors, and persons with disabilities. We encourage passengers falling within these categories to take advantage of this beneficial policy by ensuring their data is registered at the nearest Pakistan Railway reservation office. Doing so not only makes their journey more economical but also contributes to a more enjoyable travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can book your tickets online for Millat Express train. If you want to reserve an online ticket, you can visit the official website or mobile application of Pakistan Railway or you can visit a nearby railway station.

You can cancel your ticket as per the policy. You can do so through your mobile app or at the nearest station according to the guidelines mentioned in the policy.

Certainly, Millat Express is equipped with on-board food facilities to enhance the travel experience for passengers. The train features a dining car coach where travelers can purchase meals and tea during the journey. It provides a convenient option for those who prefer to enjoy freshly prepared food while on the train.

Yes, Millat Express offers discounted tickets for children, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities. This inclusive approach aims to make train travel more accessible and affordable for a diverse range of passengers.

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