Pak Business Express Train

The Pak Business Express represents a high-class train, ensuring travelers a serene and efficient journey. For those considering a trip on the Pak Business Train, this article offers a comprehensive overview, covering ticket prices, the timetable, speed, amenities, and guidelines for online booking.

Pak Business Express

Initially, in collaboration with Four Brothers Pvt. Ltd., the partnership concluded on October 29, 2015, due to financial challenges faced by Pakistan Railways. Presently, the train operates daily, covering extensive distances between Lahore Junction and Karachi via the Karachi-Peshawar Main Line.

Comprising 19 coaches and a power van, the Pak Business Express offers a blend of luxury and efficiency for discerning travelers.

Pak Business Train Overview

Official namePak Business Express
Official operatorPakistan railway
First Service4 Jan 2012
Train number33UP & 34DN
Service provideDaily
RouteLahore Junction-Karachi  Cantt
Total Stop13
Route Distance1264 km
Average journey time18 hours
Maximum Speed120  km/h
Average speed70 km/h
TrackBoard gauge
FacilitiesCatering, sleeping argument, seating, baggage
Class Economy, AC Standard, AC Business, AC Sleeper

Pak Business Express Ticket Prices

Time Schedule and Route of Pak Business Train

In the provided article, the complete schedule for Pak Business 33UP and 34DN trains is outlined. Pak Business 33UP commences its journey from Karachi Cantt at 4:00 PM, arriving in Lahore the following morning at 10:00 AM. Likewise, Pak Business 34DN embarks from Lahore at 4:00 PM, reaching Karachi the subsequent morning at 11:00 AM. The comprehensive time schedule below includes arrival and departure times, along with waiting times at each station.

  • Lahore to Karachi Cantt

Via Karachi –Peshawar Mail line 1

33UP Pak Business Express Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2HYDERABAD JN18:2718:32
3NAWABSHAH JN.20:0520:07
4ROHRI JN.23:1023:35
5RAHIM YAR KHAN01:5701:59
7KHANEWAL JN05:5506:15
9RAIWIND JN.09:1009:12
10KOT LAKHPAT09:4009:42
11LAHORE JN.10:20

34DN Pak Business Express Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
1LAHORE JN.16:00
2KOT LAKHPAT16:2016:22
3RAIWIND JN.16:4616:50
5KHANEWAL JN20:0520:25
7RAHIM YAR KHAN00:0100:03
8ROHRI JN.02:4003:05
9NAWABSHAH JN.06:0006:02
10HYDERABAD JN08:1508:20
11LANDHI JN.10:2210:24
12DRIGH ROAD10:5210:54

Stops of Pak Business

The Pak Business Express has a total of 28 stops. The 33UP Pak Business begins its journey from Karachi Cantt. The subsequent stops are as follows: Hyderabad Junction, Nawabshah Junction, Rohri Junction, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Khanewal Junction Sahiwal, Raiwind Junction, and Lahore Junction, Similarly, the 34 DN Pak Business  Express follows this route in reverse, traveling from Lahore and reaching Karachi.

When the train stops at a station, passengers should pay attention to some important considerations. Passengers should sit comfortably and return to their seats. Carry your belongings with you and sit safely. Keep your ticket or pass ready. Speak softly and follow the instructions of the staff. Maintain a safe distance to avoid crowding. Pay attention to the train’s movements and also consider natural elements during the journey.

Facilities and Class of Coaches

Economy class: The ‘economy class coach’ on a train generally has basic amenities and facilities. It is for those travelers who prefer to travel on a budget. There are 10-12 Economy class coaches in Pak Business Express.

AC Standard Class: there are four AC standard class coaches with air conditioning (AC) facilities on the train. In this class, the seats are comfortable, and passengers experience an air-conditioned environment, which is beneficial during hot weather or long-distance journeys.

Business Class: This class often offers more facilities and is slightly more expensive, allowing travelers to choose it for added comfort and amenities during their journey. In this class, amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable seats, and sometimes additional services like meal offerings are included.

Advice for a Comfortable Journey

Confirm your ticket in advance and make a reservation for your train journey. Arrive at the station on time to avoid missing your train. Carry essential items and use luggage tags for identification. Pack clothes and other items according to the weather. 

Note down emergency numbers and important contacts. Carry necessary medications and a small first aid kit. Bring necessary items for children, such as food, water, diapers, and other essentials. Bring food and water for children, especially on long train journeys.

To ensure the safety of children during a train journey concerning doors and windows, they should always be seated and not allowed to open doors or windows. Additionally, they should not be allowed to stand near the moving train’s doors.

Online Booking and reservation

Booking a ticket for the Pak Business Express train has now become very convenient. You can easily book your seat or berth online at any time. Install the Pakistan Railway app on your mobile, register your account, and reserve your ticket. Additionally, you can also book your seat from your nearest station. Remember to book your seat early because availability is not guaranteed at all times.

The advantage of online train ticket booking is that travelers can easily book tickets from their homes without long queues. It provides them with seat selection options and convenient payment methods. Online booking also aids in efficient trip planning. Additionally, one can take advantage of offers and discounts available through online booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pak Business Train does not offer on-board dining facilities. However, you can purchase food from any train stop or bring homemade food with you as a precaution.

Yes, you can book tickets for the Pak Business Train online.

33 UP Pak Business Train makes 9 stops when traveling from Karachi to Lahore, while the train numbered 34 DN Paki business express makes 11 stops when traveling from Lahore to Karachi.

In Pakistan, there are several luxurious trains that operate, including the Greenline Express, Tezgam, Khyber Mail, and Pak Business.

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