Pakistan Express

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing an enchanting journey? The Pakistan Express train, with its provided facilities and nationwide comfort, offers a mesmerizing trip that introduces you to breathtaking views from the moment you board.

Pakistan Express

The Pakistan Express train travels between Karachi and Rawalpindi, inaugurated in 2006. It covers 1315 kilometers (817 mi) in approximately 26 hours and 50 minutes, traversing the Karachi-Peshawar Railway line and the Khanewal-Wazirabad Branch line.

Pakistan Train Overview

Start serviceInter-city rail -2006
Stops 31 Stations
Route distance1315 km ( 817 mi)
Average Time26 hours
Train numbers45UP, 46DN
Operate betweenKarachi Cantt- Rawalpindi JN
Maximum Speed100 km/h
Average  speed                  65 km/h
Service frequencyDaily
Number of coaches19
facilitiesCatering, Sleeping, Baggage
Track guage5 ft 6 in

Pakistan Express Ticket Prices from all Stations

Time Schedule and Route of Pakistan Train

You’ve received the most up-to-date timetable for the Pakistan Express train, aligning with the official website and credible sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability. The 45 Up Pakistan Express embarks from Karachi Cantt at 1:30 pm and arrives in Rawalpindi at 4:00 pm the following evening. Conversely, the 46 DN Pakistan Express departs from Rawalpindi at 6:00 am and reaches Karachi Cantt at 8:50 am.

Check the Timing and Ticket Prices of Shalimar Express

Refer to the detailed timetable provided below for the Pakistan Express. Verify the schedule at your station to guarantee timely arrival and prevent missing the train. Continue scrolling to access the complete timetable.

46DN Pakistan Express Timing

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2GUJAR KHAN06:4806:50
5LALA MUSA JN.08:4308:45
7WAZIRABAD JN09:3509:40
11SANGLA HILL11:5411:56
12CHAK JHUMRA JN.12:1712:19
15TOBA TEK SINGH14:1814:20
16SHORKOT CANTT JN.14:5515:00
17ABDUL HAKIM15:2415:26
18KHANEWAL JN16:0516:10
19MULTAN CANTT16:5017:15
21KHANPUR JN.20:1020:15
22RAHIM YAR KHAN20:4720:49
25ROHRI JN.23:3023:55
27TANDO ADAM04:1904:21
28HYDERABAD JN05:2005:25
29LANDHI JN.07:4007:42
30DRIGH ROAD08:1808:20

45UP Pakistan Express Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2LANDHI JN.14:3814:40
3HYDERABAD JN16:5517:03
4TANDO ADAM18:0718:09
7ROHRI JN.22:0022:25
10RAHIM YAR KHAN00:5200:54
11KHANPUR JN.02:0502:10
13MULTAN CANTT05:0505:30
14KHANEWAL JN06:1006:15
15ABDUL HAKIM06:4206:44
16SHORKOT CANTT JN.07:1807:23
17TOBA TEK SINGH07:4807:50
20CHAK JHUMRA JN.09:5109:53
21SANGLA HILL10:2010:22
24ALIPUR CHATTHA12:0012:02
25WAZIRABAD JN12:5513:00
27LALA MUSA JN.13:4013:42
30GUJAR KHAN15:1815:20
31CHAK LALA16:2016:22

Stops and Speed of Shalimar Train

  • Karachi Cantonment – Khanewal Junction

via Karachi-Peshawar Railway Line

  • Khanewal Junction – Wazirabad Junction

via Khanewal-Wazirabad Branch Line

  • Wazirabad Junction – Rawalpindi  Junction

 via Karachi-Peshawar Railway Line

pakistan express train

The Pakistan Express has a maximum speed of approximately 90 km/h, with an average speed of 65 km/h. The journey on such trains often passes through scenes of everyday life, where people travel to reach their destinations. These trains often traverse through fields of farmers, villages, and cities during their journey, allowing travelers to witness the true economy and real-life colors of the country.

Speed of Train

Online Booking of Pakistan Express

To secure your seat on the Pakistan Express, you can conveniently book a ticket either at your nearest railway station or through the official website of Pakistan Railways. For added convenience and to ensure a smooth journey, it is advisable to explore online booking options at least one month before your departure.

How to Book Online Ticket for Paksitan Express and Other Trains.

This not only helps you avoid any last-minute concerns about extra payments or seat availability but also guarantees a hassle-free experience as you embark on your travels with the Pakistan Express.

0n Board Facilities

The Pakistan Express train provides 19 coaches to enhance your journey’s comfort. Each coach is designated for different classes and services, allowing passengers to choose their preferred accommodation based on their preferences. There are three types of passenger coaches in this train:

  • Economy Class
  • AC Standard Class
  • AC Business Class

Tickets can be purchased according to your budget, and it is advisable to book in advance for a better travel experience. In the train’s economy class, basic amenities such as sleeping berths, washrooms, fans, and lights are provided. However, other classes may offer additional facilities and amenities.

In AC Standard Class, clean restrooms are available to ensure passengers’ convenience during the journey. There are entertainment options, such as audio/video services or reading material.”

In AC Business Class, air conditioning is provided, making the environment comfortable according to the weather, whether it’s hot or cold. Cushioned seats in this class offer passengers a comfortable seating experience during the journey. Each seat is equipped with a table tray, providing passengers with a place to place their belongings. Clean restrooms ensure that passengers do not face any inconvenience during their travel.

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Meal services are available, and some trains offer catering services to enhance the dining experience. Entertainment options, such as audio/video services or provided reading material, add to the amenities during the journey. Wi-Fi services are accessible, allowing passengers to use the internet with their devices. AC Business Class often includes a dedicated service staff that attends to passengers’ needs and ensures a comfortable experience throughout the journey.

For Safe Traveling

To keep oneself engaged during a train journey, one should make appropriate preparations. Pay attention to having the correct ticket, necessary belongings, and essential items. Be mindful of reaching the station on time and follow the train timetable. Take care of personal belongings and bring along necessary items for a comfortable journey.

During the train journey, one should maintain a courteous and friendly attitude towards fellow passengers to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone. While traveling by train with children, it is important to ensure their safety. Seat them properly and carry essential items for their convenience. Pay attention to their needs and fulfill them.

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