Pakistan Railways Reduces Fares Following Diesel Price Decrease

In a significant move to provide relief to passengers, Pakistan Railways has announced a substantial reduction in train fares across various classes. This decision comes in response to a recent decline in diesel prices, enabling the railways to pass on the savings to the public. The fare reduction is effective immediately, benefitting passengers traveling shorter distances ranging from one to 200 kilometers.

New railway fare

Key Fare Reductions:

  • Economy Class: Fares on certain routes have been slashed by up to 54%. Notably, the minimum fare for the economy class on the Lahore to Rawalpindi route has been reduced from Rs. 250 to Rs. 100, a significant decrease that will make travel more accessible for many. Similarly, the economy class fare for the Khyber Mail, covering distances between 1 km and 130 km, has been reduced from Rs. 250 to Rs. 100. This dramatic reduction highlights the commitment of Pakistan Railways to provide affordable travel options to the public.
  • AC Class: Passengers traveling in air-conditioned class will also enjoy substantial savings, with fares cut by 40% across various routes. This reduction makes premium travel more affordable and is likely to attract more passengers to the railway’s AC services.

This move by Pakistan Railways is seen as a timely intervention that benefits both daily commuters and occasional travelers. The reduction in fares is expected to encourage more people to choose rail travel, which is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly compared to other modes of transport. By lowering the cost of travel, Pakistan Railways aims to boost passenger numbers and make train travel a more attractive option for the general public.

The official notification regarding the fare reduction has been issued, and the new fares have been implemented immediately. The railway authorities in Lahore confirmed that these changes have taken effect, ensuring that passengers can benefit from the reduced fares without delay.

This fare cut is part of a broader strategy by Pakistan Railways to improve its services and enhance customer satisfaction. By reducing fares in response to lower diesel prices, the Railways Department demonstrates its commitment to providing value to its passengers. The fare reductions are expected to have a positive impact on the overall economy, as more affordable travel can boost mobility and economic activity.

For passengers seeking detailed information about the specific fare reductions and to plan their journeys, Pakistan Railways encourages them to visit the official Railways website. The website provides comprehensive information on routes, schedules, and updated fares, helping passengers make informed travel decisions.

In summary, Pakistan Railways’ decision to slash train fares is a welcome move that leverages the recent decrease in diesel prices to make train travel more affordable for all. This initiative is likely to enhance the appeal of rail travel and contribute to increased passenger numbers, benefiting both the railway and its customers.

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