Rehman Baba Express

For train journey fans wanting to know about the ‘Rehman Baba Express,’ the article gives thorough information. It covers things like fares from each station, the train schedule, and the facilities available. The article not only provides useful details but also offers a special view of the experience of train travel.

The Rehman Baba Express train runs daily from Peshawar to Karachi via Faisalabad. It is a passenger train that traverses through three provinces of the country. The inauguration of the Rehman Baba train took place on December 23, 2018, by the former Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid.

Covering approximately 1490 kilometers from Karachi to Peshawar, the journey takes about 30 hours. The train is named “Rehman Baba” in honor of Abdur Rehman, a Pashtun Sufi Dervish from Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Rehman Baba Express Class

Rehman Baba Train Overview

Start service23 December 2018
Route distance1490KM (925 miles)
Average Time30 hours
Train numbers47UP (Karachi –> Peshawar)
48 DN(Peshawar –> Karachi)
Operate between Peshawar Cantt-Karachi Cantt
Maximum Speed117 km/h
Average  speed                  70 km/h
Number of coaches17
facilitiesCatering, Sleeping, Baggage,
Track gauge1676 mm(5 ft 6 in)
Service typeIntercity Rail
ClassesEconomy, AC Business, AC Standard

Rehman Baba Ticket Prices from all Stations

Time Schedule and Route of Rehman Baba

The Rehman Baba Express departs daily from Peshawar Cantt at 11 AM, initiating its journey, and reaches Karachi Cantt Railway Station the next day at 5 PM after an approximately 30-hour long extensive journey. Similarly, the 47 UP Rehman Baba Express departs from Karachi Cantt at noon and arrives in Peshawar at 5 PM the following day.

During the train journey, passengers experience various scenic views. The Rehman Baba Express covers a lengthy route, connecting cities across three provinces of Pakistan: Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It serves as an excellent means of transportation for travelers from major cities like Nowshera, Attock, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad.

The train provides a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for passengers traveling between these significant cities in Pakistan. Another luxurious and fast train from Peshawar Railway Station to Karachi Cantonment is the Khyber Mail Express, featuring a unique red coach from the Pakistan Post Office.

48DN Rehman Baba Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2PESHAWAR CITY11:0911:10
3NOWSHERA JN.11:4011:42
5ATTOCK CITY JN.12:3912:41
7LALA MUSA JN.17:0217:05
8WAZIRABAD JN17:4617:48
11SANGLA HILL19:5619:58
13TOBA TEK SINGH22:1522:17
14MULTAN CANTT00:3000:50
16RAHIM YAR KHAN04:2804:30
17PANO AKIL06:2806:30
18ROHRI JN.07:1507:40
21LAKHA ROAD09:0209:04
22BHIRIA ROAD09:1709:19
24NAWABSHAH JN.11:0411:06
25TANDO ADAM12:3612:38
26HYDERABAD JN13:3013:35
27LANDHI JN.15:3315:35
28DRIGH ROAD16:0516:07

47UP Rehman Baba Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2DRIGH ROAD12:1812:20
3LANDHI JN.12:4012:42
4HYDERABAD JN15:0315:08
5TANDO ADAM16:1416:16
6NAWABSHAH JN.16:5716:59
9BHIRIA ROAD18:0318:05
10LAKHA ROAD18:2318:25
13ROHRI JN.20:4021:05
14PANO AKIL21:3121:33
15MIRPUR MATHELO22:0622:08
16RAHIM YAR KHAN23:2623:28
18MULTAN CANTT03:1003:30
19KHANEWAL JN04:1104:13
20TOBA TEK SINGH05:2805:30
22SANGLA HILL07:5107:53
24ALIPUR CHATTHA09:1209:14
25WAZIRABAD JN10:1510:17
26LALA MUSA JN.10:5010:52
28ATTOCK CITY JN.15:1315:15
29JAHANGIRA ROAD15:5215:54
30NOWSHERA JN.16:1116:13
31PESHAWAR CITY16:5316:54

Route and Speed of Rehman Baba Train

  • Karachi Cantonment–Khanewal Junction 

Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line

  • Khanewal Junction– Wazirabad Junction

 via Khanewal–Wazirabad Branch Line

  • Wazirabad Junction –Peshawar Cantt

 via Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line

The Rehman Baba is a fast train with a maximum speed exceeding 117 km per hour. However, due to numerous stops and an uphill track, its average speed is 70 kilometers per hour.

Speed of Train

Facilities in Rehman Baba Express

Economy Class: The economy class in a train is tailored for passengers seeking lower fares, offering basic amenities like comfortable seats, ventilation systems, shared toilets, pantry car services, and luggage storage. While specific facilities may differ between trains, passengers in the economy class generally experience cost-effective travel with essential services.

AC Standard: Rehman Baba Express features AC standard coaches with a minimum of 72 seats/berths. Each open cabin has six berths, a small table, and clean washrooms at the end of the coach. The entire coach is air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable journey with proper ventilation.

AC Business: The Rehman Baba Express offers a single AC Business Class coach known for enclosed cabins, ensuring complete privacy—ideal for families. All coaches are air-conditioned, equipped with open spaces for luggage storage, and provide washroom facilities for passenger convenience.

Online Reservations and Discounts

Pakistan Railways has introduced an online booking system for the Rehman Baba Express, offering travelers a convenient way to secure seats. Passengers can make reservations from local stations to their destinations through the official website or mobile app. The user-friendly platform enhances the planning and confirmation of journeys.

Authorized outlets and nearby railway stations also facilitate ticket acquisition. Embracing this digital system not only streamlines the process but also provides benefits for modern and efficient travel.

The Rehman Baba Express offers a thoughtful discount policy to make train travel affordable and pleasant for the general public. Children under 10 receive a significant 50% discount on tickets, while individuals aged 10 and above pay the full adult fare.

Passengers aged 65 and above, as well as those with disabilities, qualify for discounts—50% in economy class and 25% in the AC class. To avail of these discounts, eligible passengers need to register their information with the Pakistan Railway reservation office.

Be careful during a long journey

For a safe train journey, follow some guidelines. First, secure your belongings and bring important documents. Know your seat and emergency exits. Use the emergency stop if needed. If there are issues, contact train staff. Cooperate with fellow passengers for everyone’s safety. These steps help maintain a secure and harmonious environment during the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can reserve seats for the Rehman Baba Express using the Pakistan Railways mobile application. In addition to the mobile app, you can also book seats through the official website or visit nearby railway reservation stations/offices.

There are no facilities for WiFi along the entire route of the Rehman Baba Train. However, at major stations like Lahore and Rawalpindi, you may be provided with free WiFi.

Yes, they are eligible if their documents are registered in the reservation office.

The passengers are allowed to bring their belongings with them on the Rehman Baba Express. If you have excess luggage, you can also inquire about the ability to transport additional baggage. For further information, please contact the railway staff.

Yes, if you cancel your ticket according to railway rules, you will be eligible for a refund.

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