Shalimar Express

Shalimar Express is a high-speed train. If you have a passion for traveling swiftly between Karachi and Lahore, the Shalimar Express is an excellent option. In this article, you can find comprehensive details about the Shalimar Express. Information includes train ticket prices between every station, the timetable, booking procedures, discounts on tickets, speed, facilities, and much more. All the details you need to know for a fulfilling journey.


The Shalimar Express train travels between Lahore and Karachi via the Khanewal – Wazirabad branch line route, primarily providing daytime services. The first service of this train was launched in 1979. The Shalimar Express is named after the Shalimar Gardens located in Lahore.

Shalimar Train Overview

Start service1979
Route distance1287 km ( 800 mi)
Average Time 18 hours
Train numbers27UP, 28DN
Operate betweenKarachi Cantt –Lahore Junction
Maximum SpeedMore than 100 km/h
Average  speed                  72 km/h
Number of coaches18
facilitiesCatering, Sleeping, Baggage,

Shalimar Train Ticket Prices from all Stations

Time Schedule and Route of Shalimar

The Shalimar Express, traveling from Lahore Junction to Multan and Karachi via Faisalabad, is a fast train. The Shalimar Express used to travel via the main line through Sahiwal previously. The 27 UP Shalimar Express departs from Karachi Cantonment at 6:00 AM and reaches Lahore at 1:00 AM night time.

On the other hand, the 28 DN Shalimar Express departs from Lahore at the same time, 6:00 AM, and arrives in Lahore at 2:45 AM. night. Karakoram Express is another best train from Lahore to Karachi via Faislabad.

The complete details of the Shalimar Express time schedule, including arrival time, departure time, and waiting time at each station, are provided in the table below. Please organize your journey based on the timings of your respective station.

28DN Shalimar Train Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
1LAHORE JN.07:30
3TOBA TEK SINGH10:3510:37
4KHANEWAL JN11:5512:00
5MULTAN CANTT12:4013:00
7KHANPUR JN.15:5315:55
8RAHIM YAR KHAN16:2716:29
10ROHRI JN.19:0519:30
11NAWABSHAH JN.22:2922:31
12HYDERABAD JN00:4500:50
13LANDHI JN.03:0203:04
14DRIGH ROAD03:4003:42

27UP Shalimar Time Table

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2DRIGH ROAD06:4806:50
3HYDERABAD JN09:3009:35
4NAWABSHAH JN.11:1611:18
5ROHRI JN.14:1514:40
7RAHIM YAR KHAN17:0017:02
8KHANPUR JN.17:5417:56
10MULTAN CANTT20:4521:05
11KHANEWAL JN21:4521:50
12TOBA TEK SINGH23:0423:06
14LAHORE JN.02:15

Stops and Speed of Shalimar Train

  • Karachi Cantt –Lahore Junction
  • Via Khanewal –Wazir Abad Branch line

The Shalimar Express 27 UP (Karachi – Lahore) has 11 stops on its route, while 28 DN (Lahore – Karachi) has 13 stops. The main stops include Karachi Cantonment, Hyderabad Junction, Nawabshah Junction, Rohri Junction, Ghotki, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanpur, Bahawalpur, Multan Cantonment, Khanewal Junction, Toba Tek Singh, Faisalabad, and Lahore Junction.

The Shalimar Express train advances towards its destination, running with speed, and efficiently takes passengers to their intended destination in the shortest possible time. Shalimar Express is a fast train. Its maximum speed is more than 100 km/h and its average speed is 70 km/h.

Speed of Train

Facilities in Shalimar Express

Economy Class: There are 11 economy coaches in Shalimar Express. AC is not available in this class because the ticket price is lower compared to other classes. Fans and charging facilities are available, and washroom facilities are also provided in this coach.

AC Standard: Shalimar Express consists of two AC standard coaches. These coaches have open cabins with 6 berths each, making them the best choice for a long journey. Facilities for storing belongings are available. Inside the AC standard class of Shalimar Express, there is a sleeping facility, allowing passengers to comfortably undertake their journey. Washroom facilities are also available, designed to provide basic amenities for the comfort of travelers during the journey.

AC Business: The Shalimar Express consists of two AC business coaches. The cabins are enclosed, and each cabin contains six berths. Each cabin has a separate washroom, and sleeping facilities are available. This coach also has electrical outlets for electronic devices, allowing passengers to easily charge their mobiles and laptops during the journey. Catering facilities are also available; you can place orders with payment.

AC Dining Car: Shalimar Express consists of an AC dining car where travelers can enjoy a meal. Dining tables and chairs are available, and passengers can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this coach with payment. The catering facility is not free on Shalimar Express.

AC Parlour class: Shalimar Express has an AC Parlour class. This class is often suitable for short journeys and usually does not provide sleeping facilities like berths or sleeper seats found in overnight classes. The Parlour class typically offers more spacious and well-appointed seating, air conditioning, and additional services compared to standard classes.

However, its seating arrangements are often well-furnished, and the interior is comfortable, providing passengers with a pleasant travel experience.

Online Reservations and Booking

To avoid any kind of inconvenience, travelers should book tickets in advance. This is because booking seats later may sometimes incur additional charges. You can book your tickets through the official website of Pakistan Railway’s app, Rabta app, or at your nearby station. While you can also purchase tickets on the day of departure at the station it is better to book your ticket in advance.

Be careful during a long journey

Here are some tips for your comfortable and convenient journey: take along some food and fresh water for long journeys, and bring important items such as toiletries, handkerchiefs, and cozy clothes with you. To avoid the intensity of cold weather, keep the train windows and doors closed. Avoid leaning out of the moving train. Ensure that you have purchased tickets. Take care of elderly citizens and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book online tickets for Shalimar Express through the official website, mobile application, or Rabta app of Pakistan Railways. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest railway station to book tickets.

There is no facility for free internet Wi-Fi on the Shalimar Express train.

Yes, in the Shalimar Express, children under 10 years old receive a 50 percent discount on their tickets.

Many trains run between these two cities. Karakoram Express, Shalimar Express Sir Syed Express run from here at different times. You can book tickets or buy from the station according to your requirements.

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