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If you wish to travel securely on the Sukkur Express and acquire knowledge about its schedule and ticket prices before commencing your journey, this article will serve as your guide. Here, you will discover comprehensive details regarding the Sukkur Express timing train route, ticket costs, amenities, booking procedures, and much more. Continue reading the article to ensure your journey becomes memorable with all the essential information readily available.

The Sukkur Express is a passenger train that operates between Karachi Cantt Railway Station and Jacobabad Railway Station. It covers a distance of 555 kilometers in approximately 13 hours. The train is named “Sukkur Express” after the major city of Sindh, Sukkur. Initially, it concludes its journey at Sukkur, and later its route extends to Jacobabad Railway Station. It is considered a night train as its journey predominantly occurs during the nighttime

Sukkur Expess Timing and Price

Sukkur Train Overview

OperatorPakistan Railway.
Route distance555 km ( 348 mi)
Average Time 13 hours
Train numbers145UP ( KarachiàJacobabad) 146DN( JacobabadàKarachi)
Operate between Jacobabad Junction–Karachi Cantt
Maximum SpeedMore than 90 km/h
Average  speed                  50 km/h
Number of coaches18
facilitiesCatering, Sleeping, Baggage,
Track GaugeBoard Gauge

Sukkur Express Ticket Price

Time Schedule and Route of Sukkur Express

The Sukkur Express, a local train operating in the Sindh province, has two routes. The 145UP Sukkur Express departs from Karachi City at 11:00 PM, reaching Sukkur at 9:40 AM, and then arriving in Jacobabad at noon. On the other hand, the 146DN Sukkur Express starts its journey from Jacobabad Junction at 6:00 PM, reaching Nawabshah at midnight, and finally arriving at Karachi City at 8:00 AM the next morning. For detailed timings at each station, including arrival and departure times along with wait times, refer to the provided table.

146DN Sukkur Express Timing

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
4ROHRI JN.21:1021:30
10LAKHA ROAD23:3023:32
11BHIRIA ROAD23:4923:51
15NAWABSHAH JN.01:3501:40
17TANDO ADAM03:1003:12
18HYDERABAD JN04:1004:15
19KOTRI JN.04:3004:45
20LANDHI JN.06:4006:42
21DRIGH ROAD07:1307:15
22KARACHI CANTT07:4007:50

Another train from Jacobabad Railway Station to Rohri and Lahore is Jaffar Express.

145UP Sukkur Express Timing

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2KARACHI CANTT23:1023:20
3DRIGH ROAD23:3823:40
4LANDHI JN.00:0100:02
5KOTRI JN.02:0502:20
6HYDERABAD JN02:4002:48
7TANDO ADAM03:4003:43
9NAWABSHAH JN.04:3204:35
13BHIRIA ROAD05:4005:42
14LAKHA ROAD06:0006:02
20ROHRI JN.08:4509:05

Stops and Route of Sukkur Express

The Sukkur Express makes a total of 20 stops. The 146DN Sukkur TrainExpress initiates its journey from Jacobabad Junction, progressing through subsequent stops including Shikarpur, Sukkur, Rohri Junction, Khairpur, Gambat, Ranipur Riyasat, Setharja, Mehrabpur, Lakha Road, Bhiria Road, Padidan, Kot Lallo, Nawabshah Junction, Shahdadpur, Tando Adam, Hyderabad Junction, Kotri Junction, Landhi Junction, Digh Road, Karachi Cantt, and finally, Karachi City.

Conversely, the 145UP train departs from Karachi City and follows the same route, making stops at each of the mentioned stations until it reaches its destination in Jacobabad.

  • Karachi – Rohri Junction

Via Karachi Peshawar main line

  • Rohri Junction-Jocababad

   Via Rohri Chaman Railway Line

Services and Amenities

Sukkur Train, an intercity rail service, features contemporary air-conditioned coaches with tastefully furnished interiors to enhance the travel experience. The train provides a combination of comfortable seating and sleeping options, complemented by an effective ventilation system, ensuring passengers enjoy a serene and enjoyable journey.

AC Classes: In the AC Standard class, heat and sunlight protection are offered through tinted black windows, and charging kits are readily available. The 16 Economy coaches provide open compartments, allowing passengers to customize privacy with self-installed curtains. It’s worth noting that facilities may vary slightly depending on the ticket prices within each coach category.

Online Booking of Sukkur Express

Sukkur Train offers the convenience of online ticket booking through Pakistan’s official website or mobile application. It is advisable to secure your seat well in advance through these platforms. In terms of discounts, for both the economy and AC standard classes, tickets for children under 10 years old are available at half price. Senior citizens aged 65 and above, as well as disabled individuals, receive a 50 percent discount in the economy class. For the AC class, they are eligible for a 25 percent concession. To avail of these discounts, their details must be registered with Pakistan Railways.

How to Book Online Tickets for Sukkur Express and other trains.

Guide for Safe Journey

To steer clear of the eleventh-hour chaos, make it a point to reach the station well in advance. Ensure you have essential items like toiletries, medications, and water bottles in your possession. As weather conditions might fluctuate during the journey, it’s advisable to carry a lightweight jacket or shawl. Collaborate with the railway staff, abstain from littering on the train, and uphold cleanliness. Keep your railway documents and ticket in hand for seamless checks during the journey.

Pakistan Railways is dedicated to ensuring the comfort of travelers, and it’s equally important for you to cooperate and contribute to a tranquil journey for yourself and your fellow passengers.

Certainly, the schedule for Sukkur Express can be modified. For the most up-to-date schedule, please visit our website.

You can obtain Sukkur Express tickets from nearby stations or book them through the Pakistan Railway mobile application.

You can get food on Sukkur Express, but you’ll have to purchase it separately from the ticket price. Meals are not included in the fare.

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